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Care instructions

Clean your silver jewelry in warm soapy water, ensuring that it is rinsed thoroughly and dried before storing.


Alternatively, polish your silver jewelry with a soft cloth.


Plated jewelry may be cleaned by gently wiping with a damp towel.  (should be done after each use)



*Please avoid wearing jewelry when using chlorine or bleach and when entering the shower, sea or pool.


*Please wearing your jewelry AFTER you put on perfume, or lotions and not before.


*Please mind that metals react to air, climate and our skin, and might change tones over time.

As with all fine things in life, you should take care and protect your jewelry and always store in a jewelry box, taking care not to drop,


bash or scratch. 



Keep in mind that different people have different reactions to metals. While some have strong reactions to brass, others have no reactions at all.


If you know yourself to have these reactions, we recommend purchasing sterling silver or solid gold jewelry.